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This whole entire webiste! Considering my company is KOSiS Visuals, that would make sense. If you would like to see the logo for my company then just click the link above. The creator of this logo is Richard Jansen who has a company called 8 Bit Studios and his website is http://eightbitstudio.wordpress.com/


Break and Beyond is here!

It took me a while to find this video but I am very happy that i did. It’s a short stop animation that Nick Lo (Velvet Ice Productions) and I put together with the inspiration of Buzz Lightyear. Enjoy!

This video can also be found in my Video Portfolio.

More of Nick Lo’s work can be seen at http://velveticeproductions.wordpress.com/

New Content!

Say hello to my Video Portfolio! I also added new photos to my Photography Portfolio, and new files to my Graphic Design Portfolio! Check them out by clicking the links below!

Video Portfolio:


Photography Portfolio:


Graphic Design Portfolio:


KOSiS Visual Presents…

Here it is. What you have all been waiting for. All of Joshua Bruce’s work in one location! Finally you have a complete collection of all of my work! Just kidding… but all of my best work is actually here! Have fun exploring all of my Photos, Videos, and Graphic Design Projects by browsing through my Portfolio Pages Listed in The Top Bar!